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Tiger Time - Activity Book - Level 1

ISBN: 9780230483576
AUTOR: Y. Baker De Altamirano S. Mellor-Clark

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Um curso vibrante de seis níveis para o ensinodo Inglês Britânico que apresenta diferentes situações e personagens que crescem e mudam com as crianças, refletindo a evolução de seus interesses e necessidades. Os componentes digitais integrados proporcionam aulas dinâmicas e efetivas, através de ferramentas para apresentar e contar histórias, praticar o vocabulário, gramática e diálogos. Tudo muito prático e fácil de utilizar.

...ree Time activities Other contents: Add to my workbooks (10) Download ... Tiger Time 1 Activity Book - minoritybym ... ... Within each unit of the Student's Book are lessons that have been structured to focus on vocabulary, grammar and skills, and then building to CLIL, culture and projects. A code gives access to the Student's Resource Centre where a digital platform offers a wealth of extra material. Also included is an eBook version of the Student's Book. Key for Activity 9: I can 1) read and write the names of animals, 2) ... Tiger Time 1 Activity Book - minoritybym ... . Key for Activity 9: I can 1) read and write the names of animals, 2) understand the story, 3) read and write ways animals can move. I'm a . I can walk / jump. I'm a . I can fly / swim. Revision and self-assessment Read, write and circle. Unit review I'm an . I can climb / walk. I'm a . I can run / fly. I'm a . I can fly / climb. I'm a . Tiger time 2 1. w 65 Sports sceneSports scene Receptive language charity, extracts, raise money, route Values and attitudes • Interest in sports • Pleasure in reading a holiday tour leaflet • Enjoyment in a travel blog • Awareness that we should help other people if we can • Interest in talking about what people are doing • Respect for other people's opinions about sports ... Tiger Time Level 4 Activity Book by Carol Read, May 08, 2000, Pan Macmillan edition, paperback Tiger time level 3 ab ... crab seaweed 5 sea urchin 6 jellyfish 18 Choose and write about your favourite animal. 16 Go to Student's Book page 50. Read and write. 1 It's ... read Unit 6 again write a list of words to remember learn the grammar table write postcards in English 30 Do an activity from your Learning Plan and ... Tiger Time Level 3 Activity Book Paperback - January 1, 2000 by Carol Read (Author) 3.7 out of 5 stars 4 ratings Previous page. Language. English. Publisher. Macmillan Education. Publication date. January 1, 2000. Dimensions. 8.62 x 0.28 x 10.91 inches. ISBN-10. 0230483674. ISBN-13. 978-0230483675. See all details. Next page. Enter your ... Get FREE shipping on Tiger Time Level 1 Activity Book by Carol Read, from wordery.com. The Activity Book offers further skills practice by complementing the Student's Book and provides activities that support mixed-ability classes. Children's literacy skills are developed throughout, while key language is learned and Tiger Time is a vibrant, six-level course based around different settings and characters, which grow and change with the students, reflecting their evolving interests and needs. Lessons are carefully structured, focusing first on vocabulary, grammar and skills, and building to CLIL, culture and projects....