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Stickerbomb 3

ISBN: 9781780677590
AUTOR: Rarekwai,Studio

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Stickers are an essential part of the street art movement. Inexpensive and easy to produce, they act as a kind of informal business card for some graffiti writers, and a quick and effective promotional tool for many artists and illustrators. As more and more stickers are placed around major cities in the world, interest in the subject keeps growing. Stickers have been the subject of many street art publications to date, but most of these are collections of photographs of stickers spotted in urban environments. These books are missing the fundamental fun of stickers the fun of peeling and sticking, and of owning and collecting cool stickers. This collectable, fully-peelable sticker book featuring illustration, graffiti and graphics, is filled with an amazing collection of more than 250 specially-commissioned stickers by artists, illustrators and graffiti writers from around the world, many of whom have not been featured in a publication before. It will appeal to a young market of designers, street artists and illustrators, plus street art fans and anyone who collects stickers."

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