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Going Pro 4 -Student´S Book + CD

ISBN: 9786070608988
AUTOR: Alastair Lane Simon Brewster

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Going Pro promotes the acquisition of linguistic competencies through a structured, inductive approach to English, connecting it to the learners’ communicative needs. It also encourages students’ digital competencies by combining knowledge, skills and values with digital tools to reach task-based goals. Moreover, the series develop learners’ interpersonal competencies through collaborative work in the classroom.Key Features:•Develops the basic language platform (CEFR Level B1) in the four books;•Communicative approach that encourages development of critical thinking and collaborative work;•Develops and expands students’ general, linguistic, interpersonal communication and digital competencies;•DVD featuring professionals from various fields;•Teacher’s Resource CD with exams, Student’s Book materials for classroom screening and assessment tools (rubrics, observation guides and checklists).

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