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Move Beyond Teacher's Presentation Kit-1

ISBN: 9781380007629
AUTOR: Campbell. Robert Metcalf,Rob Bene,Rebecca Robb

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Move é uma coleção organizada em módulos, com carga horária flexível, ideal para um semestre ou cursos intensivos rápidos. Há 3 módulos para cada nível, com 15 horas de trabalho por módulo. Esse tempo pode ser ampliado, com o uso de atividades extras contidas no CD-ROM que acompanha o Student’s Book. O Teacher’s Book traz material fotocopiável e jogos para melhorar a comunicação. Um Class CD duplo está disponível para cada nível.

.... Moving beyond student presentations: Peer teaching ... Книга: Next Move British English Level 5 Teacher's ... ... . Sunita Anne Abraham. I explained the rationale for this experiment to students using a "meal" metaphor. In the traditional "guest-host" model, the host is responsible for planning, preparing and serving the meal as appetizingly as possible. Effective teachers ppt 1. HOW TO BE AN EFFECTIVE TEACHER 2. ef fec' tive: having an effect; producing a result Teachers who are effective produce student learning, growth, and achievement. Learning: Acquiring basic knowledge and skills. Gr ... About the digital offering - Macmillan Beyond ... . Learning: Acquiring basic knowledge and skills. Growth: Showing acquired progress over time. Achievement: Demonstrating an act of accomplishment or attainment. Next Move 3: Teacher´s Presentation Kit - Amanda Cant . The Macmillan Next Move Presentation Kit is an engaging and convenient resource for the modern classroom. The DVD-ROM contains projectable page-faithful versions of the Pupil's Book with embedded class audio and answer keys. If you are a teacher, you certainly need a PowerPoint presentation to present any information in a pleasant eye-catching way. In this collection, we have put together 16 best PowerPoint templates for teachers.You can use them to create a presentation on any subject, and you can save it for the next year students. Introductory video from one of our native teachers Example presentation, which could be from a textbook or given by the teacher Students are given a transcript or outline of the presentation Students identify key stages of the example presentation - greeting, introduction, main points in order of importance, conclusion Teachers training presentation 1. "Nine-tenths of education isencouragement" ---Anatole France 2. Preface A good teacher must not only be a smart and approachable scholar, but also a dramatic success. Like actors, teachers can develop specific skills to enhance their communication of ideas. MOVE BEYOND TEACHERS PRESENTATION KIT-2 de Diversos, editora GERAL por R$ 126,27 no Wtr Livros. Estante Virtual, a maior rede de sebos online do Brasil. www.extra.com.br www.pontofrio.com.br I'd guess that approximately 103% of student presentations go over time. Preparation can mitigate this, but in the heat of battle, nothing ever goes as we'd prefer. I might go so far as to include optional sections in the presentation plan, so that if you're well over time, you can lose part of the content and catch up....