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Shelter Cats

ISBN: 9781858945231
AUTOR: Kloth,Michael

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Cats are now our most popular pets, but every year growing numbers of lost or abandoned cats and kittens enter shelters. In this captivating new book, photographer Michael Kloth makes a passionate appeal to animal lovers everywhere with over 80 endearing portraits of shelter cats.Kloth’s genuine empathy with his subjects shines through in his enchanting images of cats of all ages, breeds and temperaments, whether curious, playful, proud or shy. Above all, these photographs capture the irrepressible feline spirit, no matter the individual circumstances of each cat. By documenting the unique characters and stories of some of the cats he has encountered in his volunteer work, Kloth raises awareness of animal rescue causes, and especially the need for more adoptive homes. His irresistible portraits and sincere commitment to animal welfare create a poignant and loving tribute to all cats.

...than a cat from a breeder. Adopting a shelter cat is also saving a life ... What to Expect When You Bring Home a Shelter Cat ... . If you would like to adopt a shelter cat, some helpful advice is located below. Go to shelters near you and look at the cats. Look at a few... Our Cats. If you are interested in rehoming any of the cats on this page, please fill out the form on their profile. We will continue to add new cats when they are ready for rehoming, however, due to the current restrictions, it may take us 2-3 weeks to get back to successful applicants. The Northeast Animal Shelter, located in Salem, MA, is one of New Eng ... Why Shelter Cats Are the Best - Vetstreet ... . The Northeast Animal Shelter, located in Salem, MA, is one of New England's largest no-kill animal shelter for puppies, kittens, cats, and dogs. Open daily. Featured Cat - Calypso . Calypso is a special girl who has been at our shelter for 7 1/2 years. She came to HART as a stray and was surrendered and lived in our Main Room for most of that time. When she first arrived, and for years following, she really didn't like people or cats getting close to her....